Do I have to ride a motorbike?

No. This is open to all those interested in two wheels. If you don't ride or your girls out of action, jump on the back of a mate, drive, roller skate or whatever! JUST GET THERE ANYWAY YOU CAN!


What do I bring?

Ya party boots! And it wouldn't hurt to throw in the following: Camping gear (unless you plan on scoring a cabin in which case you'll just need bed linen) hats, torches, a towel, refill bottles for water (water sources available at location) suncream, insect repellent, eski's if you want ya drinks cold.

Will there be food provided? 

Hell yeah! Food, Coffee and even Booze! (vegan & gluten free options available) Otherwise pack your favourite goodies.


Is it BYO or will there be drinks available for purchase?

This is one area we've got covered! There will be a bar slingin drinks at the venue. Please ensure that you drink responsibly while at Sheilas Shakedown, look after your friends and family and ensure that you do not over consume. If you are refused service at our bars due to intoxication please respect our stance, take a break and drink plenty of water.

I am a business and would like to have a stall, who do I contact?

Fabulous! We'd love to see what you've got. Simply fill out the form on the Stallholders page via the 'Event Info' Tab and we'll get back to you with more information.


Can I bring my dog? 

Hell Yeah! We love dogs :) Just make sure your best mates well behaved, doesn't get freaked out by crowds or motorcycles and all bombs are picked up after impact.

Do I have to book a cabin? 

Yes, if you would like to book a cabin you can do this via the Ticket page. Cabins get sold out pretty quickly and every now and then we announce more availability closer to the event date. We make all these announcements on our socials (insta & FB) so make sure you are following us to be kept in the loop! If you lucked out and managed to score a cabin please bring your own bed linen and/or sleeping bag.

I can't fit everything on my bike

Yeah well we are a bunch a girls aren't we! If you've got too much camping gear / eski / outfit changes or a shining slab of VB you just cant fit on your bike there are always some Sheilas who bring their cars. We suggest if you want to connect with someone who is bringing a car, create a public post on our Facebook page! or even better on the 'all womxn riders Melbourne' page. There's always a few cars floatin about at the group ride meet up spot!

Will there be males there?

This is strictly a female/female identifying event. We are and will continue to be a trans & NB inclusive event. NO ticket sales will be made to males. We are doing our absolute best to make sure all or as many workers as possible at Sheilas Shakedown are female and nb. There could however be a small number of males at the event for purposes such as: Band members or First Aid Officer etc.


The Ride Out!!

This is basically a 'make your own way there' event. However as the event is going over TWO nights this year, there will be a few moto gangs that are organising some rides out that you can jump in on! The main rides we are promoting for this years Sheilas is a ride out to campsite on the Friday run by The Litas Melbourne chapter. Meeting at The Old Bike Shop Cafe on Lygon St, East Brunswick (time TBC) and another on the Saturday morning led by Renee The Celebrant - again meeting at The Old Bike Shop Cafe in East Brunny leaving at 10am sharp. If you have never been on a group ride before or would like a refresh on rider safety, please have a good read through the  document below. Outlining some important details to make sure we all have a good understanding of riding in a pack! 

Covid Stuff

In order for Sheilas to go ahead we need to comply with the current directions from the DHHS of Victoria. Whilst the rules are continuously changing please stay updated with regulations surrounding masks, hygiene and social distancing. These regulations will all be implemented throughout the weekend. IF YOU ARE FEELING EVEN THE SLIGHTEST BIT UNWELL WITH FEVER, COUGH, RUNNY NOSE, HEADACHES, ANYTHING COLD & FLU RELATED DO NOT COME TO THE EVENT! We can refund any ticket should you be feeling unwell prior to or on the days of the event. Please see our Covid Safe Plan below.