This cute af Melbourne trio can thrash out the kind of power pop- punk you've been waiting your whole so-called adult lives for! They consist of Acacia on guitar & lead vocals, Scout on drums & backing vocals & Cai on base. Prepare for some sass with songs about menstrual cups and fuckboys. When the new skool gotta bring in the old skool!

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Easily the best Garage Rock band outta Oz! These dolls will bring the talent, the heat and the best tunes to get you to the heights and the hype of your Saturday night boogie. Formed in 2004 with members Bianca, Helcat, Julie & Joey. Gotta a luv a woman in a vinyl catsuit too! 60's garage grrl rock punk doo-wap all girl big babin sounds. Can't wait for this one! THIS is the show!



Singer-song writers Heide, Graci & Jeanie are Folk Bitch Trio. Think beautiful, melancholic raw sounds with a gentle guitar melody & rich harmony. You could not find a more perfect sound to get you through your Sunday morning at Sheilas Shakedown. Definitely a group to keep your eye on! Some gorgeous indie, contemporary folk sounds.



Born out of the Melbourne feminist-punk scene is a band that will give you sounds of garage rock moving into primitive boogie. Post-punk feels thrown down with some evocative, political song lyrics. Sheilas Shakedown have been wanting this band of gritty feminine music since its inception in 2017. Finally the stars have aligned!  And now, can proudly announce we have one of the best bands in Australia headlining for Sheilas Shakedown 2022 - Cable Ties. Bring it!


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Sheilas Shakdown's official Saturday night - main stage DJ is Niveen aka HipHopHoe! Working dancefloors across the queer scene throwing out all your Hip Hop favourites with some further genre defying mixes. This is the dance, this is the energy, this is the moment to grind and vibe all your dance floor desires. Check out HipHopHoe's further works amplifying the voices & stories of First Nations Peoples, LGBTQA+ peoples & those of the African Diaspora. Hit below for a follow!



Anyone who has ever been to a Sheilas Shakedown knows that no other trashy, all night dance party can happen without the ever unprofessional DJ set from the Throttle Moles. Amber & Danielle, born & raised in Mildura, will bring all ya favourite bangers for your dance party fun. Playing in the 'Rave Cave' from 12am. Heyyyyyy Yaaaaaa....