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2024 Sheilas Shakedown Lineup

The Institute for Good Girls - Promos - Group-11.jpg


TIFGG is a grass roots, Melbourne ROCK band with members from both Australia and Brazil. They bring huge riot-grrl energy in the form of rockin' riffin' and screaming straight into the face of oppression. Do you ever feel like an outcast? Screw that noise! There's always a place for you in The Institute.

@theinstituteforgoodgirls - Saturday, Feb 24th -
MAIN STAGE @ 8:00pm



Blend of nu-punk and classic 90s grunge sounds hailing from SYDNEY.

With their live set described as “fearsome, where everything is inside out, an impossible puzzle of things that don’t make sense but just do. It’s like enjoying getting a hammer to the back of the head. What utter fun.” DOWNGIRL has already made a fierce impact. And they’re just warming up.

@downgirlband - Saturday, Feb 24th -
MAIN STAGE @ 8:45pm



Made up of members from Future Suck, Carpet Burn, Body Maintenance, Delivery and Gutter Girls, Blonde Revolver bring you their self titled debut EP with 5 punchy tracks written in Melbourne/Naarm's lockdown in 2020. What started out as a Blondie cover band has since developed into a six-piece punk outfit, locked and loaded with big riffs and driving synth lines guaranteed to make you sweat.

@blonde.revolver - Saturday, Feb 24th -
MAIN STAGE @ 9:15pm

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Grab your tequila, prepare for a squealer, we're introducing Some Sheila.

Despite the name, Some Sheila isn’t just any sheila. She's the sheila you wait for, the sheila that doesn't roll her eyes at a song request and the sheila that understands her crowd. She's Some Sheila.

Sheila has taken the stage across Europe, including rooftops in London and beach clubs in Santorini, as well as dominating her stomping ground across Melbourne. Why Some Sheila? Because she's loud, she's proud and wins over the god damn crowd.

@_somesheilas- Saturday, Feb 24th -
MAIN STAGE @ 10:00pm



Never underestimate how many hours we are prepared to dance to a mash up of Dad Rock and Dumb Bitch Music. These little dickheads are taking over the rave cave for a late night party ho-down. Think Enya, think Johnny Farnham, think early 2000's Brittany, hip-hop and then some 70s rock... you never know what ya gonna get! Bringing all the class that Mildura culture can offer to Sheilas Shakedown 2024!

@throttlemoles- (technically) Sunday, Feb 25th -
RAVE CAVE @ Midnight

Screenshot 2023-10-22 at 4.05.08 pm.png


Earth-wandering, guitar-slingin' whiskey drinker from Campbells Creek, Victoria. This is some premium country-folk for your Sheilas Sunday morning. Jess has been making quite a name for herself in the Aussie country scene along with her big band, but we're very blessed to have her play solo at Sheilas with her beautiful voice and enchanting guitar sounds. This is one performance you do not want to miss! So grab your mornin brew and come for a nice sesh on the main stage before you all roll out.

@jessimaeparker - Sunday, Feb 25th -
MAIN STAGE @ 10:15am



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