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• We tend to get a loooooot of questions via Facebook & Instagram.

So check out our FAQ's below and please only reach out if there

is something we haven't covered here. 

Do I have to ride a motorbike?

No. This is open to all those interested in two wheels. If you don't ride or your girls out of action, jump on the back of a mate, drive your regular daily car, roller skate or whatever! JUST GET THERE ANYWAY YOU CAN!

What amenities and services are provided with my ticket purchase?

Tickets come with powered camping, toilets, shower blocks, market stalls, entertainment - Live music & DJ's. Moto activities. Bike & Car Show. 


What do I bring?

Ya party boots! And it wouldn't hurt to throw in the following: Camping gear (unless you plan on scoring a cabin in which case you'll just need a sleeping bag or bed linen) hats, torches, a towel, refill bottles for water (water sources available at location) sunscreen, insect repellent, eski's if you want ya drinks cold. Expect all kinds of weather. Ballan in February tends to have cold wet mist in the mornings, hot dry days going into cool nights. So make sure you pack a jumper for the evenings.

Will there be food provided? 

Hell yeah! Food, Coffee and even Booze! (vegan & gluten free options available) from several food trucks that will be operating the entire weekend that will accept cash & card. Otherwise pack your favourite goodies.


Is it BYO or will there be drinks available for purchase?

There will be a bar slingin drinks at the venue. Please ensure that you drink responsibly while at Sheilas Shakedown, look after your friends and family and ensure that you do not over consume. If you are refused service at our bars due to intoxication please respect our stance, take a break and drink plenty of water. The Sheilas bar will be open until 11pm on both the Friday and Saturday. You are welcome to BYO however you can only consume these at your campsite and not within the designated licensed area.

I am a business and would like to have a stall, who do I contact?

Fabulous! We'd love to see what you've got. Please email us directly at


Can I bring my dog? 

Hell Yeah! We love dogs :) Just make sure your best mate is well behaved, doesn't get freaked out by crowds or motorcycles and all bombs are picked up after impact. We are HUGE animal fans here at Sheilas. But we want them to be happy and not feel anxious amongst all the people and noise. If your dog is showing signs of being anxious or visibly uncomfortable, or is not being looked after at the event, for the sake of the dog's well-being, you will be asked to take them home.

Do I have to book a cabin? 

Yes, if you would like to book a cabin you can do this via the Ticket page. Cabins get sold out pretty quickly and every now and then we announce more availability closer to the event date. We make all these announcements on our socials (insta & FB) so make sure you are following us to be kept in the loop! If you lucked out and managed to score a cabin please bring your own bed linen and/or sleeping bag.

Can I book a Glamping Tent for the weekend?

Yes you most certainly can and be Ms Fancy La Di Da! We go through the company Happy Glamper and you can purchase a Glamping Tent from an Eventbrite page HERE. Please note that a Glamping Tent booking does NOT include a ticket to Sheilas. You will need to purchase a ticket as well as a tent. Otherwise a ticket comes with regular camping. We do not have any involvement in the set up nor can we answer any of your questions. All liaising must go directly through Happy Glamper whether you have a general inquiry, want to upgrade, or require a refund. Please contact them directly as they manage this all independently to the Sheilas Shakedown team. The cost of the Glamping Tent goes directly through to Hamper Glamper and not us. Their email is

I can't fit everything on my bike??!! 

Yeah well we are a bunch a girls aren't we! If you've got too much camping gear / eski / outfit changes or a shining slab of VB you just can't fit on your bike there are always some Sheilas who bring their cars. We suggest if you want to connect with someone who is bringing a car, create a public post on our Facebook page! or even better on the 'all womxn riders Melbourne' page. There's always a few cars floatin about at the group ride meet up spot!

Will there be males there?

This event often uses terms like girls, women, female only etc. When Sheilas Shakedown uses these terms, we welcome non-binary, a-gender and gender nonconforming people and of course all trans-women and trans-men. Anyone who wants to benefit from a space for people who don't identify as a cis man is welcome. There will be however a handful of men for purposes such as site owner, first-aid, band members etc. We always do our best to only hire and work with women and non binary people for the Sheilas Shakedown event.

The Ride Out!!

This is basically a 'make your own way there' event. However as the event is going over TWO nights this year, there will be a few moto gangs that are organising some rides out that you can jump in on! The main rides we are promoting for this years Sheilas is a ride out to campsite on the Friday run by The Litas Melbourne chapter. Meeting at The Old Bike Shop Cafe at 117 Lygon St, East Brunswick (time TBC) and another on the Saturday morning led by The Litas as well! - again meeting at The Old Bike Shop Cafe in East Brunny leaving at 10am sharp. If you have never been on a group ride before or would like a refresh on rider safety, please have a good read through the  document below. Outlining some important details to make sure everyone has a good understanding of riding in a pack! 




Saturday Scenic Ride!!

There are some amazing roads, towns and villages, national parks, swimming holes and waterfalls all in this lovely pocket of Victoria! The Litas Melbourne chapter will once again be leading a Saturday scenic ride from the campsite leaving at 10am.

Can I bring my kids to Sheilas Shakedown?

Sheilas Shakedown is essentially an 18+ event. Having said that if the only way you can come to a Sheilas is with your kids then get in touch with us! We have had some awesome Mum's bring kids before. There is a playground on site however the event itself doesn't cater to or have any activities planned for children or teenagers. It's more of a grown up motorcycle rally and party. Happy to be flexible! and feel free to get in touch if you would like to chat it out with one of our organisers Xx

Can I camp near my car?

Only motorcycles and classic cars are allowed onto the campsite. We are asking attendees who drive regular cars to park in an allocated car park near the entrance. This is so everyone can fit nice and comfortably as we have more and more people come to the event. We will have a special vehicle available to help you transport your camping gear from your car to a camping space if needed. Although it is a reasonable distance from the carpark to the camping area and you could easily manage yourselves.  If you are bringing a motorhome or say a van to sleep in, you may bring it on the grounds and park it in the designated motorhome village area on site. We are asking everyone to please help us and the space out by clearing as many cars as possible.

Can I bring my motorhome or caravan?

Yes you most certainly can! We allocate an area on the campsite with power specifically for our caravan and motorhome village.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible ?

Yes it most certainly is. The campsite is a 65 acre tourist park with wide (yet gravelly), roads and grasslands. All amenities (toilets/showers) are wheelchair accessible as well as access to the main stage and communal areas. The camp kitchen where the tattoo artists are set up, the rave cave and the dorm rooms have a couple of stairs and a portable ramp is available for use on the site. Please get in touch with us if there is anything we can do to assist.

What happens if I have an accident at Sheilas ?

We will have a First Aid station and First Aid attendants throughout the duration of the event. Please have fun and act responsibly. The aim is to avoid any mishaps or injuries. 

Can I get a day ticket only?

Sorry but there are only 2 types of tickets you can purchase. An all weekender (Friday & Saturday nights) or a Saturday night only ticket. Friday night is the more chilled meet & greet with an outdoor cinema and bar going whilst the Saturday has the activities and the Saturday night has all the live music.

Can I buy a ticket on the door?

Not really. But ticket sales will remain open online throughout the whole Sheilas weekend. So all you need to do is get onto our Eventbrite ticket page and purchase one online for entry on your mobile phone. We will not be doing any cash transactions on the door.

I lost something at the event. Do you have a lost property?

Officially? No. But anything that get's lost throughout the weekend or gets handing in to us we will leave at the Sheilas merch/info tent. If we find anything left at the end of the weekend we will take a photo and post it to the socials. It will then be up to you to get in touch with us and arrange to pick it up from an inner city Melbourne location.

Can I stay an extra night at the campsite?

Sunday night YES but you will have to arrange this with Phoenix Park directly. Sheilas Shakedown 2024 is for Friday and Saturday night only. Gates officially open at 3pm on the Friday and the event finishes at 12pm on the Sunday. Unfortunately Thursday night the space is not accessible or available for camping. 

Can I get a refund for my ticket? 

Yes you can. All you need to do to request a refund is go to your original email from Eventbrite with the tickets and find the link that will take you to the Sheilas Shakedown Eventbrite page. Click on 'Contact Organisers' then click on 'Can I get a refund'. This will direct you to the process of requesting a refund. You should also get a confirmation email a couple of days after your request and funds should appear in your account shortly after. This is the best, easiest and fastest way to go about it. We will be honouring all refund requests up until 11:59pm - Thursday, February 23rd 2024. Unfortunately the Eventbrite booking fee is non-refundable.

Once I am onsite can I leave?

Yes you most certainly can. In fact the town of Ballan is super cute with some cafes and a supermarket and pub and is only 2.5km away. You will of course have to show your ticket or customised Sheilas stamp to our door bitches upon each arrival. The main gates to the campsite will be closed from 10pm until 8am overnight.

What if my bike or car brakes down?

Responsibility will be on you to organise a tow or service should this happen. Some suggestions are...TBC

Is there an ATM at the venue? 

Nope. No ATM. But there is one in the town of Ballan only a quick 5 minute ride away. Most if not all vendors will have card payment options.

Can I volunteer at Sheilas Shakedown?

POSSIBLY! We are still working this one out but feel free to email us if you are keen to volunteer. We already have a few but we may need more come closer to February.

Can my band play at Sheilas Shakedown?

We have all our bands booked already unfortunately. But you are welcome to email us and we may contact you for a future event.

Can I have my own campfire at my camp set-up?

If there are fire warnings in the area then it's a hard no. Otherwise small campfires less than 1m wide and tall are permitted. Anything larger will be extinguished. We will likely have some communal campfires going in some of the main areas. You will need to bring or source your own firewood.

Are there communal BBQs available?

There are no BBQ facilities at this venue. There will however be several food trucks available for you to purchase food from throughout the weekend.

Is there any swimming or waterholes on site at the venue?

There is a built dam near the front of the entrance that you are welcome to dip in. There is also some wonderful swimming spots near by as well. Eg: Bostock Reservoir, Pykes Creek Reservoir, Grahams Dam in Lederderg Gorge. Or a bit further is Turpins Falls in Langley, Loddon Falls in Glenlyon and The Cascades in Metcalfe. Might be a nice day trip on the Sunday after the party!

I want to get tattooed at the event. How does this work?

We will have several tattoo artists set up within the camp kitchen. They will have a custom Sheilas Shakedown flash tattoo sheet each for you to chose from. Due to density limits as well as popularity there will be a woman on the door to allow you to look at tattoo options and book your times in groups of three. This is a very popular feature at the event and we ask that you be cool and patient as our artists work damn hard each year and a lot of Sheilas want to get tattooed. 

I want to be a part of the craft workshop how do I go about doing this?

You can purchase a ticket to our crafternoon workshop on the Saturday via our Eventbrite ticketing page HERE.

Can I get a free press pass or professional photography pass?

Sheilas Shakedown is a very small, niche community event. Even as more and more people attend our little gig we like to keep the space sacred and special and supportive for our ticket holders. If you are a photographer or journalist we welcome you to purchase a ticket and experience the event for yourself. Although we are currently not seeking further public exposure at this time. Please note that we do not have any VIP or restricted areas at this event either. We like to keep it all on the level, friendly and chill.

The amazing talented photographer Shannyn Higgins is taking photos at the event. Where can I see them?

Every year we have an amazing, in-house Sheilas photographer take photos of all of you being rad. If you do not wish to have your photo taken please let us or Shannyn know. Every year we post the photos on our website for you all to share and enjoy. As long as you credit Shannyn Higgins and Sheilas Shakedown when posting or sharing anywhere ;) Please be patient as it takes an insanely long time to receive all of them and get them all online. We will announce on our socials when they are up.


• Sheilas Shakedown has always prided itself on being a fun and freedom filled event. We like to think there are no rules but as the space gets bigger and we get more attendants there are some things that need to be said. Please read below Xx

• PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE. Be responsible for your friends, your family and all others around you. But most importantly, please be responsible for YOURSELF! Every year the event has more and more attendees which is awesome! But don't forget that everyone is there to have fun. Anyone being unsafe, aggressive or dangerous will be asked to leave and/or removed from the venue.

• CONSENT. One of the best things about Sheilas Shakedown is that it is a safe space. Safe from prying eyes, creepy men, and any unsolicited touching and sexual harassment. Unfortunately, there has been 1 or 2 people in the past that have come to Sheilas and behaved 100% inappropriately. This is all it takes to completely ruin everything Sheilas is about and this is seriously not on! We take inappropriate touching and consent violations very seriously and will not allow any unsafe, non consensual touching or propositions within our space. No means No! If for any reason you are feeling uncomfortable at the event, please do not hesitate to approach one of our friendly female security guards who are aware of our strict policy around such issues. Remember, Sheilas is about feeling free and safe in a communal environment. If we notice any inappropriate behaviour, you will be asked to vacate the premises immediately. 

• PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY. As mentioned in the above FAQ, please ensure that you drink responsibly at Sheilas Shakedown. There are water taps on site in the bathrooms and camp kitchen. Please ensure you stay well hydrated and take your drinking easy. We will have a bar on-site selling alcoholic drinks. If any of the workers feel you need to take a break or you are told that you can not be served anymore please respect their stance. You may also realise that sometimes motorcycle rallies and bikies in general tend to keep the coppers on alarm. There will likely be coppers in the area and we would hate for anyone to get done for drink driving or to have an accident due to alcohol in your system. So PLEASE! drink responsibly.

• Sheilas Shakedown is a drug free event.

• Strictly NO riding or driving onsite after 6pm. The new rule is all engines are to be turned off by 6pm SHARP. During the day if you are riding or driving your classic car on-site you must go no faster than 40km per hour. If you are seen hooning or if there is any reckless riding/driving you will be asked to cease immediately. We are a dog friendly event and it would be THE WORST! should anyone's beloved pet get run over. We also DO NOT want to see any riding or driving accidents during the event. It's fair if you have a cool bike or classic car and you wish to have a nice roll amongst the grounds  throughout the day to show Sheilas what you got. But under no circumstances is it cool to say - rip your 2002 Holden Calais out, drift on the gravel roads and drive like a dickhead. That is a HARD NO! and NOT what Sheilas is about. Be cool people! We do not want to see any damage to yourselves or your vehicles thanks.

• Do not trespass. Any trespasses will be removed from the site. There is only 1 main entrance to the site and each attendee must show their ticket to be scanned in at the front gate.

• Please be mindful that some women at Sheilas Shakedown like to get the free vibes on and can walk around in their bras or topless. If you are taking photos or any video footage, please make sure you have the consent of anyone who you may be posting online especially if they are naked or undressed in any way.

• No reserving campsites. The space is generous but please allow space for all our mates to set up camp.

• Keep all internal roads clear for emergency vehicles and safety. No electrical cords or any other tripping hazards are to be going over any of the  internal roads.

• Fuel, petrol and other combustibles must be retained in a suitable container like a jerry can.

• Do not drive your car until you are ready to leave and always check around you before moving on.

• Can we just say how AMAZING! all you Sheilas have been at past events when it comes to picking up your rubbish and keeping the campsite clean. You've all done us bloody proud! And we do appreciate it. Please just make sure you keep on that. Make sure you use the bins provided and put your cigarette buts in the ashtrays. You can get rubbish bags from the Sheilas merch and information tent if needed.

• If you have a chronic condition/illness, allergy, please carry information regarding your condition and an emergency contact on you at all times. We have some lovely and sensitive First Aiders working the event so if you feel comfortable enough, head over and say hi and you can have a chat should you need anything.

• It is really not needed to be said cause you have all just been AWESOME! But there is an overall rule to just. be. nice. Everyone at Sheilas regardless of ANYTHING has a right to be there. This whole event is about love and friendship. Thank you ALL for making the space so magical. You've done great!



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